Please be sure to sign up ASAP, as class size is limited and fill up quickly, classes that do not fill up are subject to cancellation.

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Beginner Level 1: Beginner Pole DANCE:

Everyone starts at Level 1 – In this class you will learn a cardio-dance warm-up, proper stretching techniques, strength-training exercises, how to climb,  basic dance moves and beginner dance technique.

Beginner Level 2: Beginner Pole SPINS:

In this class you will up your cardio and strength workout by learning to perform pole spins and inversions, with a focus on safety and proper dance technique.

Intermediate Pole:

This class is a step up from the beginner levels, as it introduces more challenging spins/inversions/technique and introduces improvisational dance with a focus on transitions and fluidity, preparing students for Advanced Level Pole.

Advanced Pole:

Once you have mastered beginner and intermediate levels, Advanced Pole offers an even more challenging workout that includes intense upper and core strength training, gymnastic oriented skills, complex spinning combinations, improvisational dance, transitions, fluidity and floor work.

BOOT CAMP Workout:

Pole Play Dance Studio has developed a unique strength-training POLE BOOT CAMP class designed to increase the strength and stamina necessary to perform many pole skills.  In addition, this class promotes cardiovascular endurance, enhanced lean muscle building and flexibility, resulting in a well-balanced fitness routine.

Ballet Barre:

This class consist of modern ballet technique that builds strength, lean muscle mass and a strong core, and helps increase flexibility in a fun, safe, encouraging environment.  This class is offered twice weekly.


This is a small group personal training class that offers variations in body toning, weight loss and building.  The body adapts to multiple training styles that focus on conditioning, flexibility, toning, balance, proper body alignment, speed and agility.  In this class you are sure to build up a sweat, melt away the pounds and increase your stamina.  This class is offered twice weekly.

INTRO To Pole: 

If you’re curious about Pole Fitness, but unsure if it’s your style of work-out or unsure of what to expect – take a one time class offered with no weekly commitment.  In this class you will learn beginner pole dance moves, spins and floor work.  




  • All classes run for approximately 1  hour long

  • Classes are not interchangeable

  • $25.00 per Workshop

  • $60.00 for 1 hour Private Pole Class

  • DO NOT wear: long sleeved shirts, tights, yoga pants and absolutely NO JEWELRY – ESPECIALLY NO RINGS as this can damage the pole. 

  •  Please wear work out attire. If you wear long sleeved shirts or work-out pants just be sure to dress in layers and have a tank top and shorts underneath. 

  • You DO want to wear tight fitted clothes such as a sports bra, tank top and shorts.

  • Please bring socks to have available for floor work.

  • Do not use any lotions, moisturizers or oils at least 4 hours prior to class.