For this teacher,a different classroom

//For this teacher,a different classroom

For this teacher,a different classroom

The Buffalo News, April 1st, 2011 Chelsea Kelly has worked at a chocolate shop. She waitressed. She taught gymnastics. She was even a schoolteacher for six years before realizing that she wanted to work for herself. In 2005, she opened a dance studio on Hertel Avenue. Pole Play is not your ordinary dance studio. It features lessons in pole dancing and other fitness-oriented dance (and is not about stripping). It draws women from ages 17 to 64, and a few men, too. Born and raised in Kenmore, Chelsea is fit and having much more than fun at age 40. She’s in a burlesque troupe called Eye Candy, plus she go-go dances with a rockabilly band called Kickstart Rumble. People Talk: Describe your fitness level. Chelsea Kelly: High, being a gymnast for over 20 years. And then I coached gymnastics for eight years, but dance is my forte. PT: How does that help you in other walks of life? CK: The way you carry yourself — your posture, your poise, your grace and elegance — it really comes across. People notice your confidence. It’s a huge boost. PT: Tell me about your career in Las Vegas. CK: Well, I was a first-grade teacher for a year. I was going through a divorce, on my own for the first time. It was an expensive move across country, so I would teach all day and dance at night on the strip for a few hours. I could go in for three hours and make a couple hundred dollars. It paid my rent. PT: Why Las Vegas? CK: I tried for 10 years to get a teaching job in Buffalo. It’s so political I couldn’t even get interviews after subbing for years. This was in the 1990s. And I’d been in Vegas before and loved it. PT: What led to pole dancing? CK: I danced exotically for 10 years, one in Vegas and nine in Buffalo. I never danced in a strip club, but I danced for an entertainment company. We’d have multiple stag parties booked, and we’d go with a bodyguard. I made enough money to buy a house. PT: It’s a tough business. CK: I think a lot of girls who get into it don’t keep a level head. They get into bad relationships with men. They get into drugs. I banked all my money and bought a house, but I was also a little bit older than the girls I was dancing with — and smarter. PT: You wanted to break the Las Vegas stereotype. CK: It’s hard to break because [strippers] reinforce it. I hate to bash strippers; I danced for 10 years, but I really have nothing nice to say about them. They’re a whole different breed of people. I never felt like I fit the mold. I was way too classy to be categorized as that. I was too smart. I have a master’s degree in education. I can make it through a sentence without a four-letter word. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. PT: So what about pole dancing? CK: I always wanted to open my own business — a little tea room or an antique shop — but I couldn’t really nail down an idea. I was watching the “Oprah Show,” and Sheila Kelly from “L.A. Law” was on, and she had a part in a movie as a stripper. I couldn’t believe the transformation her body went through training for the role, and she had opened a pole dance studio on the West Coast. So I bought a pole, put it in my living room, took about three months to learn all my tricks I needed to develop a beginner, intermediate and advanced lesson plan. I quit my job and just started doing it. PT: Going from school teaching to pole dancing is a huge leap. CK: My teaching background is half the reason I am successful. I’m teaching different content, but I’m still teaching. I still need to reach out to the struggling student, recognize them in a group, and revise my lesson plan to make it easier for that student. And I need to challenge the advanced students, same as in a classroom. PT: Do you have any male students? CK: Yes, not straight men — yet. Pole dancing is actually becoming quite popular with men. There are competitions all over the United States where the men compete separately from the women. PT: Dancing aside, what do you do? CK: I like to go to estate sales. I’m very involved in animal rights. I dog rescue for Pixie Mamas. I help with fostering, adoptions, home visits. I have a dog at home that I want to get certified as a therapy dog because I want to take him to Roswell. I’ve been passionate about animals since I was little. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was little. I worked for Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen as an intern. There are so many unwanted animals. PT: Do you have any children? CK: No. I don’t want any. I made that decision a long time ago. I like to travel. I’ve been to Greece, Australia, all over the United States  by Jane Kwiatkowski Peopletalk

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Buffalo's Premier Pole Dancing Studio was opened in 2005 in the thriving North Buffalo business district on Hertel Avenue by Chelsea Kelly who recently retired to open an Animal Rescue Farm - Country Honk Farm in Tennessee. The new owner Susan has kept with the successful lesson plans that were developed that created Pole Play's success.  Pole Play is now known as Pole Play's - Pole, Barre, and Fitness Studio, Inc.  All classes offered are taught by the owner Susan leveraging her extensive experience of dance and fitness.  The program was created with sequential learning levels to promote weight-loss, flexibility, build strength, and cardiovascular endurance.  Classes are designed for all ages, fitness levels and abilities. Join us at Pole Play's - Pole, Barre, and Fitness Studio to unleash your inner sexy, develop confidence, all while building life-long friendships. About Susan: Susan is a professionally trained ballerina that danced with the Empire State Ballet.  She has traveled around Western NY with the ballet company performing in The Nutcracker, Coppelia, and Sleeping Beauty.  She attended Performing Arts, cheered with the Buffalo Destroyers and danced with Eye Candy Burlesque.  She is certified as a Ballet Barre instructor and is a Registered Nurse at a local hospital.  Susan has been personally trained by Chelsea Kelly (founder and creator of Pole Play) and she follows the lesson plans and continues the classes that has made Pole Play what it is today.  Susan enjoys physical fitness and sharing her wealth of experience with others "I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to share my experience, knowledge and love of dance and fitness with others.  It gives me great joy to see people work hard and reach their goals.  I'm excited to witness everybody's personal success and accomplishments through our fitness journey together."  Join in the fun and start or continue your fitness experience at Pole Play's - Pole, Barre, and Fitness Studio today!

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