POLE PEOPLE Town of Tonawanda woman opens area’s first pole-dancing studio

//POLE PEOPLE Town of Tonawanda woman opens area’s first pole-dancing studio

POLE PEOPLE Town of Tonawanda woman opens area’s first pole-dancing studio

January 13th, 2006 When Chelsea Green asked to put a strippers’ pole in the living room of her husband gaver her a look. But it wasn’t a suggestive, raised eyebrow. “He thought I was nuts,” said Green, a 35-year-old Kenmore West graduate and former gymnast. Never mind that her better half, a fireman, wasn’t thrilled with the idea, or that the shin brass post seemed out of place amidst the antiques in the room. Green wanted to get in shape and dancing around a pole – yes, like a stripper – was how she planned to do it. While pole dancing and strip teases were once purely for his pleasure, women are reclaiming the dirty dance as the newest way to stay in shape. The movement, which has taken off in Los Angeles and New York, has been led by celebrities such as Carmen Electra of “Baywatch” and “Teri Hatcher of “Desperate Housewives,” and has been featured on “Oprah” several times as well as “The View.” Thanks to Green, the trend has made its way to the Buffalo area. Seven months after “remodeling” the living room and teaching herself the seductive swagger from DVDs and books, Green quit her day job as a kindergarten teacher in Buffalo to teach women to become more fit and confident. “Some people give you a look like, ‘You do what?” she said of her new job. “But I tell them we wear sweatpants and sneakers and honestly work out. We’re not just dancing around naked up here.” Pole Play, on Hertel Avenue, opened Sept. 19, Business is already busling, mainly due to the publicity the fitness craze has received. “I didn’t know that I’d be able to hold my weight off the ground and swing around the pole. The fact that I was able to do it amazed me,” said Alexdria Hassan, a 20-year-old student at the University at Buffalo who takes classes at Pole Play. “It looks really complicated when you first see Chelsea do it, but hwen she breaks it down it’s just a couple little steps and you can do it.” Amherst resident Julie Knapp has worked with a personal trainer and went to the gym for exercise in the past. But when she learned about Pole Play, she decided to change her routine. “It’s just a good time, it’s not hurting anybody and it’s something to do,” the 27 year-old said. “Being all women, it’s a nice, comfortable setting to be in. You don’t have to get all dolled up to go there.” Most of Green’s clients range in age from early 20’s to mid 50’s. Classes are offered for a viriety of levels. Green holds workshops once a month for those who want to try a class before signing on. The studio also offers individual lessons and can be booked for parties. by Stacey Shepard Tonawanda News

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Buffalo's Premier Pole Dancing Studio was opened in 2005 in the thriving North Buffalo business district on Hertel Avenue by Chelsea Kelly who recently retired to open an Animal Rescue Farm - Country Honk Farm in Tennessee. The new owner Susan has kept with the successful lesson plans that were developed that created Pole Play's success.  Pole Play is now known as Pole Play's - Pole, Barre, and Fitness Studio, Inc.  All classes offered are taught by the owner Susan leveraging her extensive experience of dance and fitness.  The program was created with sequential learning levels to promote weight-loss, flexibility, build strength, and cardiovascular endurance.  Classes are designed for all ages, fitness levels and abilities. Join us at Pole Play's - Pole, Barre, and Fitness Studio to unleash your inner sexy, develop confidence, all while building life-long friendships. About Susan: Susan is a professionally trained ballerina that danced with the Empire State Ballet.  She has traveled around Western NY with the ballet company performing in The Nutcracker, Coppelia, and Sleeping Beauty.  She attended Performing Arts, cheered with the Buffalo Destroyers and danced with Eye Candy Burlesque.  She is certified as a Ballet Barre instructor and is a Registered Nurse at a local hospital.  Susan has been personally trained by Chelsea Kelly (founder and creator of Pole Play) and she follows the lesson plans and continues the classes that has made Pole Play what it is today.  Susan enjoys physical fitness and sharing her wealth of experience with others "I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to share my experience, knowledge and love of dance and fitness with others.  It gives me great joy to see people work hard and reach their goals.  I'm excited to witness everybody's personal success and accomplishments through our fitness journey together."  Join in the fun and start or continue your fitness experience at Pole Play's - Pole, Barre, and Fitness Studio today!

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