Women take pole-dancing workout for a spin

//Women take pole-dancing workout for a spin

Women take pole-dancing workout for a spin

The Buffalo News, October 9th, 2005 It’s all the rage in England, growing in New York City, and popular in California and, of course, Las Vegas. Now pole dancing – as exercise, not entertainment – has come to Buffalo. Chelsea Green, a 35-year-old Kenmore native with a master’s degree in education, has opened “Pole Play” on Hertel Avenue near North Park Avenue to offer a challenging new type of workout. Pole dancing is the gravity-defying, sometimes suggestive maneuvering on metal poles that’s practiced by strippers, but has developed into a fitness workout where the clothing stays on. Green has lived in Hollywood and Las Vegas, where she danced professionally, but she taught herself to pole dance with just books, DVDs and a pole. After returning to this area in 1997, she quit her teaching job last summer to open Pole Play. Her furst challenge, she knows, is overcoming the seedy, sleazy connotation pole dancing may have among some women. “Everybody thinks it’s dirty and what we’re doing up here is crazy,” she said. “I’m trying to get the word out that it is a fitness activity and not only strippers can do this, but everyday women can do it.” Green said the pole-dancing work-out “combines stretching, strength training and fat-burning cardiovascular exercise,” and can be modified to be appropriate for any fitness level, age , body shape or size. Strutting and spinning Alexandria Hassan, 20, an Itaca native and a senior at the University at Buffalo, says she enrolled in the beginner class because “I wanted to get in shape and there’s been a lot of good things said about it. It’s supposed to increase your self-esteem, and I figured it would be a really good workout.” Although she says she’s “always been athletic,” and plays sports, “I’ve never , ever taken dance,” says Hassan. But in Green’s class, “I was amazed at what I was capable of. I was surprised I could hold myself up on the pole duing the moves where we had our feet off the ground. I didn’t know I could move like that.” The Williamsville Continuing Education Department listed Pole Play workshops in its autumn brochure, but Green said when she called the Ken-Ton district, “They said, ‘Absolutely not!; I said, ‘I see your’e offering belly dancing, why won’t you offer pole dancing?’ but they just turned me down.” In her classes, Green starts students off with a variety of moves around the pole, form strutting (“Posture is important!”) To spinning and even crawling on the mat under floor-to-ceiling brass-finished poles. Advanced “tricks,” as Green calls them, include the “fireman,” in which the dancer grabs the pole with her hands, then hooks her bent legs around it and spins gracefully to the floor. Some moves reseble those of belly dancers, with hip rolls, body waves and moves emphasizing the abdomen. But others are un-mistakably rooted in strip-club moves, as when Green grabs the pole, hoists herself upside-down and does a split in the air. ‘A few neat tricks’ The studio is fitted with 6 poles, and Green says she can teach classes up up to 10 women at a time. Workout attire is recommended – Green taught the hourlong workshop wearing pink velour pants and a black T-shirt that read, “Have pole, will travel.” “Women have different reasons for doing this, wheater you want to stay in shape and it’s a different alternative workout and something fun, or whether you want to boost your confidence, or wheather you just want to learn a few neat tricks,” said Green. Pole Play also offers Striptease Workout classes, in which participants peel off the sweats they wear over shorts and a tank top. The moves in that class, Green said, are “a lot like pilates. I’ve been doing it at home, and I just can’t believe how sore I am the next day just from moving slowly and stretching and holding the moves, and at the same time it’s very sensual.” Hassan, who also took the striptease class said the next day, “My abs today hurt really bad. But it’s a lot of fun.” by Anne Neville Weekend Life

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Buffalo's Premier Pole Dancing Studio was opened in 2005 in the thriving North Buffalo business district on Hertel Avenue by Chelsea Kelly who recently retired to open an Animal Rescue Farm - Country Honk Farm in Tennessee. The new owner Susan has kept with the successful lesson plans that were developed that created Pole Play's success.  Pole Play is now known as Pole Play's - Pole, Barre, and Fitness Studio, Inc.  All classes offered are taught by the owner Susan leveraging her extensive experience of dance and fitness.  The program was created with sequential learning levels to promote weight-loss, flexibility, build strength, and cardiovascular endurance.  Classes are designed for all ages, fitness levels and abilities. Join us at Pole Play's - Pole, Barre, and Fitness Studio to unleash your inner sexy, develop confidence, all while building life-long friendships. About Susan: Susan is a professionally trained ballerina that danced with the Empire State Ballet.  She has traveled around Western NY with the ballet company performing in The Nutcracker, Coppelia, and Sleeping Beauty.  She attended Performing Arts, cheered with the Buffalo Destroyers and danced with Eye Candy Burlesque.  She is certified as a Ballet Barre instructor and is a Registered Nurse at a local hospital.  Susan has been personally trained by Chelsea Kelly (founder and creator of Pole Play) and she follows the lesson plans and continues the classes that has made Pole Play what it is today.  Susan enjoys physical fitness and sharing her wealth of experience with others "I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to share my experience, knowledge and love of dance and fitness with others.  It gives me great joy to see people work hard and reach their goals.  I'm excited to witness everybody's personal success and accomplishments through our fitness journey together."  Join in the fun and start or continue your fitness experience at Pole Play's - Pole, Barre, and Fitness Studio today!

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